Sunday 3/31/2019

Writing-related accomplishments: Got feedback on the last section of ALL BASILISKS (C3) today from YWC. Other than that I’ve been revising the dragon novel and trying to figure out what I’m doing with the next one (tentatively titled Ghostwriter). Camp NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow, so I have an excuse to get some new words on the page.

Woodland is ready for Easter. (2nd & Cross)

Sunday 3/17/2019

Writing-related accomplishments: Had the Word Force Critique of the dragon novel (which apparently needs a new name because The Shape of the Change doesn’t sound like urban fantasy). Lots of positive notes and also some suggestions on things to strengthen it. I started integrating some of the critique into the manuscript this weekend. Overall I’m really happy about how this book has turned out and I’ll start querying it in May.

I’ve also been thinking about the next project which I’ll be working on in April. Today I walked the dogs over to the Gibson House while listening to Writing Excuses podcasts while trying to decide whether to use one or two points of view. We shall see.

In other writing news, all this time I thought there was an exception to the “punctuation goes inside the quotation marks” rule for clauses quoted within the sentence (like the one above if it had been at the end of the sentence). Turns out that’s just a British thing and I’ve been doing it wrong. I’d like my grammar rules to be logical, but sometimes they just aren’t.

Gibson House


Writing-related accomplishments: I’ve been stuck on the comps thing lately, but I did work a bit on the dragon novel.

Other stuff: I finally figured out why I’m not getting email when someone posts a comment on this blog! In other news, I may be an idiot. I finally looked at the settings again when I realized there were comments from two months ago that I had never seen. (*head desk*) And I think I found the problem and set the right things. Fingers crossed!

(Gibson & College)